Our goal is to cultivate an ideal environment for your child to grow in. It takes time, hard work and dedication, but Karate will send them off in the world ready to flourish. Like a seed, a child will grow into something lively and strong. As a seedling, the possibilities are endless, given the right environment. That's where we come in. The role of our instructors, in conjunction with parents, is to provide the best conditions possible for that seed to blossom. Karate is so much more than a sport; it is preparation for life. We work with your child to discover their natural aptitudes and prepare them for the real world.

Our role as educators is not to reward your kids with a different coloured belt after a designated increment of time has passed. At our Dojo belts are earned by our students after demonstrating essential skills like hard work and dedication. Our students wear their belts proudly as a marker of their time and effort. Sensei John's promise to you is to work with your child to cultivate their potential and make them the best they can be in every aspect of their lives.

We invite you to see for yourself what he can do for your child.